Bottle eBike Battery

Model No.: SSE-093; Maximum accommodate up to 30 pcs 18650 battery cells, 10S3P configuration 36V eBike battery, capacity range from 6Ah up to 10Ah.

  • SSE-093
Bottle eBike Battery 36V 10Ah SSE-093 DONGCHE G30

Bottle eBike Battery 36V 10Ah SSE-093 DONGCHE G30

  • Item No. LI-BTH360105
  • Nominal capacity 10.5Ah
  • Nominal voltage 36V
  • Cell model Sanyo NCR18650GA
  • Configuration 3P10S
  • Available color Silver or black
  • Applications 36V eBikes/scooters 36V Pedelec
Nominal capacity10.5Ah0.2C2.5V cut-off25℃
Nominal voltage36VAverage operating voltage
Nominal energy378WhCapacity(Ah) × Voltage(V)
Charging voltage42.00 ± 0.05V 
Charging current2A 丨3AStandard丨Rapid
Charging time6.0 hours 丨5.0 hoursStandard丨Rapid
Charging methodCC - CVConstant current, constant voltage
Continuous discharge current5A 丨10AStandard丨Maximum
Peak discharge current45AWithin a short time
Discharge end voltage27.5VDischarge cut-off voltage
Typical weight2.4 KG84.6 oz
Charge temperature range+10 ~ +45°C+50 ~ 110°F
Discharge temperature range-20 ~ +60°C-4 ~ +140°F
Storage temperature-20 ~ +45°CWithin 3 months
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