About Kinstar

Kinstar named as a new star in rechargeable battery industry. Founded in 2012 in the Chinese silicon valley, Shenzhen, China. As a pioneer in providing innovative power solutions, Kinstar has enjoyed rapid growth by working closely with our customers to develop comprehensive battery solutions.

Kinstar serves a world-wide spectrum of clients through technical excellence, innovative products and professional service. We design and produce high energy batteries and motive power batteries with Lithium-ion, Li-Polymer, LiFePO4 and other emerging battery technologies.


High energy batteries has been widely used in portable electronics devices and numerous applications requiring high energy density, including consumer electronics, communication, medical, military and other special applications. Motive power batteries are utilized in electric bicycle, electric powered vehicles and Robot, which requires high drain discharge. Kinstar owns a broad product line and technical capabilities, enabling us to meet a wide variety of customer applications.


At Kinstar, we bring together our top engineering, manufacturing, and quality control systems to design and manufacture the finest battery power solutions to meet our customer's unique requirements. We keep forward by providing customers with high quality products and services, achieved through total employee involvement, teamwork, and supplier partnerships. Exceeding our customers' expectations and supplying the highest quality batteries and services are paramount at Kinstar. This belief is the foundation that helps shape the company's vision for progress and allows our customers to achieve their goals.


Kinstar continuously invests in development of more efficient and cost effective power products to meet the ever expanding power needs of customers worldwide. We maintain the highest standards in the industry by:

* Outstanding team members

* Strong technical capabilities

* High manufacturing efficiency

* Strict quality control

* Reliable global logistics and supply chain management system

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  • UN38.3
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Oversea Sales - 2 positions

Oversea Sales - 2 positions

Following customers and inquiries from sales manager, Alibaba or Made-in-China; Searching new customers through Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and other social media. A sales personnel is a contact point with customers. Through good communication, they can promote the sales and increase the profits of company.

Required knowledge and skills

· Knowledge about foreign language, good at writing and speaking English

· Ability to use software for preparing documentations, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint...

· Good communication skills with customers and colleagues and interested in learning new things

Related majors

· All kinds of major

Technical Engineer - 1 position

Technical Engineer - 1 position

Performing works of setting-up, maintaining and improving the manufacturing process and equipment to enhance productivity and to stably produce goods of an optimized quality. Following works might also be assigned: process and device design, structural analysis, equipment inspection and facility operation.

Required knowledge and skills

· Knowledge about lithium battery technologies and battery pack structures

· Knowledge about mechanical and understanding of its characteristics

· Knowledge about production process and device design

Related majors

· Mechanical engineering, electrical or electronic(Hardware) engineering

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