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How to identify LG 18650 battery cell printing, manufacture date code?

There are 2 lines of printing on each LG 18650 cell, and we could have full information by checking the printing code. For example, LG 18650 MH1 3200mAh 3.7V:

The first line printed: LGGBMH11865  

LG: Brand name

G: Place of origin (Letter A, C, D are made in Korea; Letter E, G ... are made in Nanjing, China)

B: Capacity code (A: 0-2400mAh; B: More than 2400mAh; S3=2200mAh; A4=2400mAh; B3=2600mAh; C1=2800mAh)

MH1: Cell model

1865: Dimensions of cell

The second line printed: R084C253A2

R: Year (A=2001; B=2002; ... P=2016; Q=2017; R=2018, and so on...)

084: Day (84th day of R=2018)

C25: Lot number

3: Product number

A2: LG internal code